To arrange an in-person workshop in your area for a group of 15 or more people, send email 
to rindablom@gmail.com



Red Shoe Play Therapy Training Centre

Red Shoe Play Intervention certificate programme - two-year online part-time programme 
Are you a mental health professional who wants to spesialize in working with children? Do you want to acquire more practical knowledge and skills in applying play interventions when counselling children?  For more info,
Dates, programme and cost for 2023 now available

Applications for the January 2023 intake close on 30 November 2022 and for July 2023 close 31 May 2023
To apply for the two-year part-time online Red Shoe Play Intervention certificate programme, download the application form and email to rindablom@gmail.com To download the application form,             For more info about costs and payment schedule in 2023 


Several exciting workshops for continuous professional development (CPD) will be presented during 2023. If you are interested in attending one of these workshops, please download the above programme for more info about the content of different workshops. Please send an email to rindablom@gmail.com to enquire about the CPD accreditation for your specific profession

Rinda Blom Handbook of

​​​ The Red Shoe Centre presents several exciting play interventions workshops. DO NOT MISS OUT!  The focus of training is on professional and personal growth in a playful way.  All workshops are full of experiences that will change your life for ever!  If you are interested in improving your therapeutic skills when counseling children and want to learn how to apply play interventions, these workshops are for you! Come and meet your own inner child - find out what healing this child need and give this back to the world!

Introduction to play interventions 2022/2023

16-21 January 2023 (online via zoom)
1-4 March 2023 (in-person) Pretoria
27 March 2023-1 April 2023 online via zoom
3-8 July 2023 Online via zoom
4-9 December 2023 Online via zoom 


Sand tray and applied sand tray interventions with children, adolescents, families and couples - online via zoom (after hours)
6-10 February 2023
10-14 July 2023
6-10 November 2023


Online via zoom
Full day workshop:  Assessing structure, process and children's drawings (the what and how) when counselling children

1 February 2023
18 August 2023
20 October 2023


Ethical considerations when treating
traumatised children 5 hours training - online via zoom
8 September 2023
Ethical aspects to consider in creating and sustaining 
6 October 2023


Online via zoom
Therapeutic interventions
parents as part of child
adolescent mental

       2-3 February 2023
10-11 August 2023

Creative interventions
traumatised primary
school children

16-17 March 2023
20-21 July 2023


Online via zoom
Creative interventions
with traumatised adolescents

11-12 May 2023
27-28 July 2023

Advance play interventions workshop - play interventions
with traumatised children and children with attachment problems
online via zoom (after hours)

23-28 January 2023
31 July - 1 August 2023