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​About the Red Shoe Centre's


​​Dr Rinda Blom is the Director of the Red Shoe Training Centre, where practical, experiential and hands-on child and adolescent therapy workshops are presented



Rinda Blom is a registered social worker with thirty years' experience in therapeutic work with children.  She has a doctoral degree in play therapy and is author of the Handbook of Gestalt Play Therapy:  Practical guidelines for child therapists, published in London, England. 


The Red Shoe acts a symbol for each child’s unique true self, that can be re-claimed through therapeutic play interventions.  ​At the Red Shoe training centre the focus is on discovering, nurturing and healing your child within, while also focusing on acquiring play interventions skills that can be applied in child and adolescent mental health interventions




Rinda has been training professionals in play therapy for 25 years.  The focus of training is on hands-on experiential learning. By attending these workshops you will get the opportunity to take part in creative activities with different play media, such as clay, sand, puppets and drawings.  These exercises are accompanied by course manuals and practical demonstrations throughout.     ​




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