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Play therapy training
Sand tray workshops

​About the Red Shoe Centre's


​​Dr Rinda Blom is the Director of the Red Shoe Training Centre, where practical, experiential and hands-on child and adolescent therapy workshops are presented

Dr Rinda Blom, Director of Red Shoe Training, is a registered social worker and has extensive theoretical and practical experience in the field of play therapy, as well as child and adolescent psychotherapy.   She has a doctoral degree, specializing in the field of play therapy and emotional intelligence and has lectured a master’s degree in play therapy for eight years at the University of the Free State, South Africa. In this programme she guided several students in their clinical play therapy practice, as well as play therapy research projects.  Rinda is author of the book:  The Handbook of Gestalt Play Therapy:  Practical guidelines for child therapists, which was published in London, England during 2006.  The late Dr Violet Oaklander, founder of gestalt play therapy, wrote the following about this book:  “This book is one of the most comprehensive treatments I have ever seen about gestalt play therapy.  It is a vital and important contribution to the literature of psychotherapy to children.”  This book is translated in Corean and Hebrew.


Rinda has 31 years’ experience in child and adolescent psychotherapy.  She received advanced international training in play therapy and sand play therapy and has been training professionals such as social workers, psychologists and occupational therapists in this field for many years, both in South-Africa and abroad.  She has academic honorary colours at two South-African universities and is listed as a top achiever at the Department of Social Work, University of the Free State, South-Africa.  She has presented on play therapy related topics at conferences in South-Africa and abroad and has published play therapy related articles in academic journals in South-Africa, as well as internationally. Rinda has twice represented South-Africa in the global “It’s a beautiful day in the playborhood”, as well as “Play Therapy’s got talent” training programme. This global training was organised by Liana Lowenstein (well-known child therapist and author of several books in Canada). Rinda is currently combining her own private practice with an extensive training programme for professionals around the globe in child and adolescent psychotherapy, psychotherapy with parents and play therapy.  She has a special interest in the workings of the unconscious and therefore her training focus especially on understanding the symbolism from the unconscious in art and sand projections during psychotherapy.  Rinda is presenter and founder of the two-year certificate play-based interventions programme and is supervising child and adolescent mental health professionals globally. For more info, visit


The Red Shoe acts a symbol for each child’s unique true self, that can be re-claimed through therapeutic play interventions.  ​At the Red Shoe training centre the focus is on discovering, nurturing and healing your child within, while also focusing on acquiring play interventions skills that can be applied in child and adolescent mental health interventions




Rinda has been training professionals in play therapy for 25 years.  The focus of training is on hands-on experiential learning. By attending these workshops you will get the opportunity to take part in creative activities with different play media, such as clay, sand, puppets and drawings.  These exercises are accompanied by course manuals and practical demonstrations throughout.     ​




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